Myokei Caine Barrett, Shonin

Installation Ceremony

8 July 2007

Saturday the 7th.

Putting together programs for the Installation Service..

That night after getting as much ready for the Installation the Sangha heads out to dinner.

Sunday 8 July 2007

After doing a morning service with many of the members of the Sangha, we went over to Cullen Oaks to prepare for the Installation.

As the Temple is small and we were expecting many guests for this historical event, we rented a hall not to far from the Sangha meeting place. This is the same hall where the Sangha first took vows and became an official Sangha of Nichiren Shu.

above & below; setting up the hall for the ceremony.

Shami Ryusho lights the incense just before the ceremony is to begin.

Myokei Shonin receives her assignment certificate from Bishop Kanai, making her the official minister of the Houston Sangha.

above; Ryuoh Faulconer, Shonin, reads his report to the Buddha, recalling the formation and practice of this Sangha and passing the Sangha onto its next minister.

below; Myokei Shonin reads her report to the Buddha, accepting the responsibility of teacher and spiritual guide to the Houston Sangha as the Bishop witnesses.

Presentation of Hossu

Ryuoh Shonin to Myokei Shonin

Hossu: Historically a whisk used in India to clear insects from one’s path. Later used by Buddhist ministers to clean or clear away illusions metaphorically. A symbol of the teacher passed from the former teacher to the next.

Myokei Shonin using the Hossu the first time as the Minister of the Sangha.

After becoming minister of Myoken Temple, Myokei Shonin led us in reciting Chapter 16 of the Lotus Sutra which was followed by Nichiren Shonin’s instruction. Bishop Kanai picked out this passage from our founder for this specail occasion.

SADO GOKANKI SHO (October 10, 1271)

I, Nichiren, vowed to learn and master Buddhism and to attain Buddhaood so that I would be able to save the people from whom I had received favors.  To attain Buddhahood, one must not think selfishly even at the cost of his life."

Myokei Shonin gives her first sermon. Shami Ryusho Jeffus (in the black and brown robes) has practiced with Myokei Shonin for a couple years now. He took vows and became a Shami in 2006 under Ryuoh Faulconer, Shonin. He was very happy to see Myokei Shonin and help in this event. Myokei Shonin is like a sister to him. He has returned to his home in Charlotte, NC, where he has established Myosho-ji Temple and is working with a Sangha as a Nichiren Shu minister, ordained in 2008.

above, Myokei Shonin becomes a little emotional as her master talks about his feelings of joy at seeing her become the minister of this Temple.

below, Myokei Shonin gives jukai (precepts given to become a member) as she welcomes Phil Hardy as a new member to the Houston Temple and Nichiren Shu.

Most of the group present. A few were taking the pictures and unfortunately, a couple had to run off to catch planes back home.