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The Nichiren Order of North America or NONA is an association of Nichiren Buddhist Temples in North America. It meets every two years to develop procedures and policies for the association. It is divided into two sections, Lay and Minister. The Lay side is headed by a President who is elected by the association every four years. The Minister side is headed by a Bishop who is also elected every four years. Other officers are elected or appointed on both sides. Together with the NONA Temples they work to develop education and strategies for spreading the Dharma in North America. The Temples listed in this section all belong to NONA. The Sanghas listed after are not currently member organizations but do have a affiliation with a NONA Minister. As they grow and develop they may decide to join NONA in the future.

Nichiren Shu Temples:

We also have Temples in Sacramento, CA; Salt Lake City, UT; San Jose, CA; and Toronto, Canada. Please visit the NBIC site for further information on these Temples.

Sanghas practicing in the Nichiren Shu tradition:

Central America & Caribbean:

Please contact Caine-Barrett, Myokei Shonin to connect with developing groups in Costa Rica, Mexico, and Puerto Rico.


South America:





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